Celebrity Fight Night produced by David Foster- 

The âPlease shut up, I just want to listenâ moment: Grobanâs slow and soaring rendition of âOver the Rainbowâ briefly ended the table chatter. Fans listened, mesmerized, as Groban showed why producer Foster believes there is no ânext Josh Grobanâ out there. Few smartphones recorded the performance, as if out of respect.

Then came quite a moment.  Offering a short break after Grobanâs breathtaking turn, Foster went into the audience looking for a guy who said he was a talented Michael Buble Tribute Artist. âScott, are you here somewhere?â Foster said, wading into the seats. âYou got 30 seconds. And not on stage. Iâll give you the third step.â

âScott Keoâ started Michael Bubleâs âFeeling Goodâ on the third step, but long past the 30 seconds he was on stage, finishing next to Fosterâs piano, and bringing the entire room to their feet. Scott Keo then vanished into the audience as David Foster shook his head in disbelief, saying  "Really good man.Wow!  Buble' better watch his back"  Video link HERE


Entertainers Worldwide Registered Michael Buble Tribute Act">http://Entertainers Worldwide Registered Michael Buble Tribute Act


Scott Keo â Tribute to Michael Bublé  Laughlin Entertainer Magazine

Scott Keo

Many a quality singer has to go the tribute route if they wish to continue to sing as a full time career. Sure, theyâre riding the coattails of someone elseâs fame but they are also delivering music to audiences who may never get to experience that music live in any other setting.

When you take that tribute and wrap it around a show with some wit, comedy and your own personality, then you elevate things. That is what Scott Keo has done with his salute to the music of Michael Bublé playing the Riverside Resort, April 6-10.

Scott Keo is a quality singer who accidentally came across the music of Bublé and immediately loved what he heard. He knew his own voice could fit the Bublé style so he studied the singerâs stage presence and vocalization and put together his current show.

We caught up with Scott Keo last week via a phone interview. Hereâs his take onâ¦

His backgroundâ¦

Keo: I was in bands and one-man bands for a number of years before taking a break from live music and becoming a wedding DJ. I happened to come across a Michael Bublé song at a wedding for a cocktail hour and it just kind of jolted me. The song was âHome,â and it was my very first taste of the vocal stylings of Michael. I fell in love with the texture and phrasing of his voice. In my head, thatâs the way a song should be sung.

At that time, I had no idea that he did big band-Rat Pack-Sinatra-type music. I just heard âHomeâ and figured he was some pop guy. But I found out he did do big band music. Before listening to Bublé, Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin were just off in the distance. I grew up a child of the â80s with Michael Jackson, Van Halenâ¦so I just went with the trend. But the way that Michael sings that style of music, now I get it. Now I realize why those songs are so amazing.

Some Rat Pack shows focus more on the characters and the camaraderie between the performers as friends. They tend to lose sight of the music. Do you agree?

Keo: Maybe sometimes there is too much emphasis on the character and getting it just right. It does take a little bit away from how beautiful the music is. And what Michael does is he puts the focus on the melody, the beauty of the vocal interaction with these intricate songs. But he puts a modern spin on all of that and gives it a sort of in-your-face kickâa modern letâs-step-it-up-a-bit approach, and bring it into todayâs music. But it still has that massive respect for the construction and the arrangements of those songs.

That Bublé soundâ¦

Keo: I think heâs one of the very best male vocalists of our time. I think heâs still underrated in that department because he doesnât do operatic-type songs like a Josh Groban or a Andrea Bocelli. But Michael has amazing flexibility with his voice. Heâs got great range and his pitch is dynamic. To say it with one word would be âbutterâ. Itâs smooth and itâs genuine.

He is responsible for continuing to carry the torch of that type of music and introducing it to younger people who have never heard it that way. There is also his interaction between songs and his charisma with his audiences. So thereâs really not a whole lot to not like about Michael.

Only a small percentage of people at my shows have actually seen Michael live because heâs a pricey ticketâaveraging about $150-$200. Iâll say to the audience, âraise your hand if youâve ever seen Michael Bublé live in person. Oh, great, only five peopleâthat means the rest of you have no idea if Iâm accurate or not. Now it becomes the Scott Keo show.â Itâs all good.

His biggest challenge in putting together a showâ¦

Keo: I think the in-between-songs work is probably the most challengingâthat is, to entertain the audience, keep them excited, keep them interactive. Itâs not just âhereâs a song, hereâs another song, hereâs another song.â Oh, Iâll do back-to-back songs without talking now and then, but I really like to interact with the crowd, keep it light, maybe put a couple of jokes in there so  that itâs not so one-dimensional.

A couple of songs are emotional, so thatâs nice to give people that up-and-down roller coaster ride where you can make them laugh, you can make them cryâand if you can entertain them with music youâve got all three. Thatâs the trickâto keep them on all of the cylinders, having a good time and giving them a night that they wonât forget too soon.

As far as the voice, I wasnât too far off from that when I started doing the tribute, but I really had to hone it. I had to rework it. I had to get a vocal coach. I went hours and hours and hours of trying to figure out how he makes it seem heâs singing the song so effortless.

What sets your show apart?

Keo: I think that Iâm going to bring a perfect blend. I donât want to sound âbraggyâ or cocky, but I channel Bubléâhis essence, his moves, his vocal-isms, his mannerisms.

But I also flip the switch in the middle of his songs and give the audience Scott Keo. I think thatâs very, very important, âcause, yeah, theyâre there to hear Bublé music and see what the show is all about, but they want to connect, they want to feel like theyâre part of the show. I think probably thatâs my strength, live. Iâm able to be 100 percent vulnerable up there and really just connect. The key is to have fun while youâre doing it. And if you have fun it becomes infectious.

The bandâ¦

Keo: Iâm bringing my Shake and Bake Band, a seven-piece band with three horns. I call it a âmini big-band,â âcause they still pack a punch and give you that big band sound and feel even though itâs not a 21-piece symphony. It will make you feel like youâre back at the Tropicana in the old days, or the Riviera, or the Flamingo on the Vegas Stripâitâs that swinginâ feel.

Favorite Bublé song to perform

Keo: âFeelinâ Goodââ¦because it has dynamicsâ¦Itâs up, itâs down, itâs dramatic, itâs exciting, itâs exhilarating, itâs captivating. It is also probably the hardest song to do on the entire list so itâs the most challenging and the most rewarding.

An original makes the listâ¦

Keo: In all my shows, I do at least one original song. So about halfway through when the audience is on board with me, I ask permission to do it. Itâs called âAll To You.â Itâs my one-hit-wonder. I wrote it five years ago as a song to my mother to make up for all the crappy Motherâs Day gifts Iâve given her over the years. It took off in the wedding world as the âMother-Son Danceâ song and now itâs being played every weekend somewhere across the country at a wedding. It just hit 1.5 million views on YouTube a couple of weeks ago.

The song is emotional. I really have to go somewhere else mentally and emotionally otherwise I get too involved, especially if my mom is in the audience. Actually, sheâll be there on Friday.

Opening actâ¦.

Keo: A lot of singers will ask for an opener or another person to sing who they feel is not quite as good as they are. Iâm not that way. I want the best for my show and Peter Petty is the best. He is one of THE best jazz singers in the world. Heâs a throwbackâa Vaudeville-type throwbackâhe doesnât belong in our era. Heâs a Cab Calloway type of guy and heâll genuinely make you laugh while being an incredible jazz singer at the same time. Video footage HERE



Scott Keo Prepares for Soulful Takeover at Livewire

What better way to welcome the season of spring than by listening to the soulful sounds of Scott Keo, the number one Michael Bublé tribute act. Scott has passionately captivated audiences all around. âI never loved jazz music,â Scott explained, âbut I never hated it either.â He first was introduced to the swooning sounds of Michael Bublé while djâing at a wedding when he played the song âHome.â âAfter that I started looking his music up and completely fell in love with the songs and the vocals of Buble'.â After growing up on music like Guns Nâ Roses, Scott described discovering Michael Bubléâs voice like âfinding my twin.â As an audience listening to him, it would be easy to say itâs like listening to his twin as well. With his debut single âAll To Youâ selling over 60,000 copies and grabbing the No. 1 spot on WeddingWire.comâs list of âGroom-Mother Song,â and the No. 2 spot on TheKnot.com, Scott is enjoying every moment.

Extremely passionate, his love for big band music is about as big as his love for our beautiful state. Scott has recently finished writing and recording a song completely dedicated to Arizona. âI specifically mention Scottsdale, and the Birdâs Nest, and how it gets hotter at night,â Scott explains. When asked what his inspiration was for writing such a song, he contributes it to the love that teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees receive when their songs play at games. âThe Dodgers have âI Love L.A.â and the Yankees have âNew York, New York,â but when the Cardinals and Diamondbacks, and Suns play they donât have anything. I wanted to give them something.â

When asked what he loves most about Scottsdale, Scott simply replied by saying he âloves Scottsdale because of how much Scottsdale loves their nightlife.â âI donât even know if Beverly Hills can compete!â he says. Headed to Old Town, Scott is set to perform at Livewire again on Friday, March 20 after being the very first, opening act to ever perform there. âLivewire is like a mini arena,â he explains. Describing the venue and sound quality as amazing, Scott is convinced that this performance will be even bigger and better than the first time. And if his enthusiasm for this performance is any sign of how the show will be, then itâs going to be spectacular. Video footeage HERE



Scott Keo in Branson Tri-Lakes News

âLegends in Concertâ at Dick Clarkâs American Bandstand Theater, which features look- and sound-alike artists paying tribute to the most iconic artists in music history is rolling out a new lineup just in time for the fall. The new lineup features tributes to George Strait, Marilyn Monroe, the Blues Brothers, Elvis Presley and making his Branson debut, a tribute to Michael Buble.

âThe audience is going to find they cannot tell the difference between listening to a recording of Michael Buble and our man Scott Keo,â said production manager Robb Horton. âThis cat is absolutely fantastic and he nails it.

âHe just flat out nails it.â

Keoâs tribute to the Canadian crooner includes several hits from the catalogue including Bubleâs take on the Queen classic âCrazy Little Thing Called Love,â as well as âHavenât Met You Yet,â âHomeâ and âSway.â

Bucky Heard with the Righteous Brothers- "Scott's voice is like butter and melted chocolate. So smooth and perfect texture, it mesmerizes you.

Robb Horton- "When I first heard him sing at soundcheck, I had to sit down and just take it in. What a treat to have him here!"

Video footage: HERE



Trip Advisor:

âJaw dropping Michael Bublé impersonator! The show was very entertaining but we still cannot stop talking about how good the Michael Bublé impersonator was! His voice was amazing, he was even more handsome then Michael himself, and completely stole the show!â



Arizona Foothills Magazine:


Where are you from?

Scott Keo: I am from Southern California.

AFM: How long have you been in Arizona?  

SK: I have been here since 1997.

AFM: What do you like best about it?

SK: What I like best about Arizona is that there is less traffic, newer communities, less people and great winters.

AFM: Do you play any instruments?

SK: I play the drums and the guitar.

AFM: How long have you been a musician?

SK: I have been a musician since I was 5 years old.  I used to play the piano behind my back to show off for my grandparents.

AFM: Where you involved in any bands or projects prior to becoming a Buble tribute singer?

SK: Yes, I have been in bands a long time ago.  From 1999-2003, I was a one man band playing party sing alongs at various local hang outs and restaurants.

AFM:  How did you become involved becoming Bubleâs tribute singing and not someone elseâs tribute singer?

SK: I was, and still am, a Wedding DJ since 2002 and I have a chance to hear so many different voices every weekend. Well, in 2005, I heard Michael Bubleâs âHomeâ for the first time. I remember like it was yesterday. I was playing music for cocktail hour at a wedding. It had been a long, emotional and tough weekend. I played the song and started crying. This was my song to my wife Tracy! Wow. Loved it and the voice, so I started playing all of his music at weddings. Youâre welcome, Arizona. Yes, I believe that I am 80 percent responsible for introducing the greater Phoenix area to Michael Bubleâs music. I would play his stuff at cocktail hour, dinner, slow dance, fast dance, where ever I could fit it in. People in 2005 and 2006 would come up to my DJ table and ask, âWho is this? Is this Harry Connick Jr.?â  I averaged 70 weddings a year, with an average of 150 people a wedding. So the way I see it, Michael owes me royalties for this kind of exposure. Kidding, he owes me a drink, though, right?

AFM: Whereâs the craziest place youâve performed?

SK: I wanted to crash a super bowl party in Arizona when all of Hollywood was in town. I wanted to give my book I wrote âPlating Your Song- Confessions of a Wedding DJâ to Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy. I wanted to meet a few stars, etc. I was not on the âAâ list nor was I invited to this celebrity mansion party, so I grabbed my gear, drove up to the front of this huge estate mansion in the Biltmore area, and just walked right in and set up and started performing. I got to meet a lot of stars and Ludacris was performing also, not a bad night.

AFM: Who are your favorite musicians? Who inspires you?

SK: Iâm kind of all over the board with my music. Beach Boys, Blues Traveler, Gin Blossoms (local guys by the way- I liked them when I lived in L.A, â didnât know they were from AZ), Sheryl Crow, New Edition, Collective Soul, George Michael, Boston, Paul Okenfold, Maroon 5, Afro Blue, Rob Thomas, Alica Keys, Snoop Dog, Chris Brown, VanHalen. Inspiration?  The words from David Foster, a famous music producer, once said, âGood is the enemy of Great!â

AFM: Besides impersonations, do you have any other hidden talents?

SK: I am a decent step dancer, and some day, I will incorporate this into my act. I think that should be fun!

AFM: What do you like to do for fun?

SK: Sand Volleyball every week for the last 10 years.

AFM: Where are your favorite places in Arizona?

SK: I love all the golf courses here. I love Sedona. I love to eat at Genghis Grill. I love to perform at the Skye Platinum Room in Peoria. I love lower level seats for a Suns game â going to miss Nash when he getâs traded. I love the convenience of my town- Anthem,  and the AZ sunsets- hard to beat.  I love Ron Wolfley (KTAR) â best radio personality in the land.

Check out Scottâs website and have him sing at your next big event!

Do not want to wait? See him perform at the Best of Our Valley Finale Party! Click here to buy tickets!




What's On Vegas Magazine

"Scott Keo has made the cover of our magazine this month. He is a headliner with Legends in Concert at The Flamingo Hotel. If you get the chance, you really need to see this act. Unreal! Welcome to Vegas Scott, hope you can stay a while!"